Over the years, we have gained respect for the effects a well performed conference may constitute.

You have an idea and certain given prerequisites. We help you attain your objectives! SAJ Agency – we want to be present from the start.Speakers / Lectures Jan åke Jonsson, Hans Rosling, Simon Stanford, Marika Griehsel, Erik Fernholm, Kjell A Nordström, Jonas Ridderstråle, Tina Thörner, Alexander Bard, Fredrik Härén, David Lega, Pieter ten Hoopen, Peter Jonsson, Göran Persson, Claes Ridell, Tomas Enhager, Kjell Enhager, Gurra Krantz, Ola Skinnarmo, Erik Nissen Johansen, Renata Chlumska, Pia Nilsson, Yngve Bergkvist, Teo Härén, David Carlson, Manuel Knight, Craig Ferreira, Kelly Odell and more…

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